Hose Reels


Product Information

J&J are able to provide expert advice on the design and application of hose reels for fire fighting purposes. Our installations fully conform with BS5306-1 and will be fully hydraulically calculated where necessary. We can provide advice on best practice and suitable applications for hose reels in order to provide our clients with the best possible fire suppression solution.


Hose reels are suitable for a wide range of applications, ranging from racking areas to supermarkets. It is important that any location where hose reels are installed, the staff working in the area are fully trained in how and when to use the hoses. J&J can offer in-depth training for hose reel installations to make sure those using the hoses are safe and have the best chance of controlling a fire.


Hose reels are installed in prominent and accessible locations on all levels of the site. J&J design and install the reels to ensure that hoses will reach every room and will take into consideration potential obstructions to provide the most effective solution for every project. All hose reels are fixed firmly to walls so that any potential knocks will not prevent the operation of the hose.


  • Systems designed to fully conform with BS5306-1
  • All hose equipment meets EN671-1 approvals
  • Training provided to members of staff to ensure proper use of hose installation
  • Service and maintenance plans available to ensure systems are fully operational in the event of a fire

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