Our range of services ensure we can deliver the very best support to all our clients throughout the duration of our works.

Furthermore, we offer additional services where required in order to develop or maintain robust fire engineering products through consultation or servicing and maintenance.


J&J provides accurate and detailed designs for all types of applications. As a level 4 LPCB listed company, we have proven our ability to produce system designs that meet the stringent requirements set out in regulatory standards.

We work closely with our clients and other trades to provide the best possible design solutions to all our projects. Our team of designers have extensive industry experience which has allowed us to provide practical solutions to any potential issues before they reach construction phase.

It is vital that J&J keeps ahead of the game in the ever-evolving construction design sector. We have invested extensively into 3D design and can now provide full models that meet the requirements for BIM level designs.

What we offer

  • Sprinkler Designs fully complying with BS12845, BS9251, NFPA, FM, VdS and more
  • 2D AutoCAD Drawings
  • 3D BIM Modelling
  • Dry and Wet Riser Designs
  • Full Hydraulic Calculations
  • Pump Room Designs
  • Hydrant and Hose Reel Designs
  • Underground Mains Drawings
  • Design Consultation
  • Gas and Kitchen Suppression System Designs