Suppression Systems


Product Information

J&J provide design, installation and maintenance of all fire suppression systems, ranging from HFC-227ea (FM200®) , FK5-1-12 (Novec 1230®), IG-541(Inergen® iFlow®) and IG-55 (iFlow®) for gaseous total flooding and CO2 for total flooding and local application. We are also an approved installer of the Fire Pro aerosol suppression systems, an ideal alternative to gas.

J&J Fire engineering also offer Kitchen suppression for Commercial Kitchen Fire Protection.

Our experienced team can provide solutions for all your fire suppression needs. Our equipment is selected from a range of UK approved manufacturers ensuring that the correct product can be provided, suited to the application and offered at the most competitive prices.


Gas suppression has wide ranging applications, from commercial kitchens to industrial machinery. J&J work closely with our clients to ensure the correct type of gas suppression is installed every time. We also offer service and maintenance options to ensure all gas suppression systems are operational and safe.


Gas suppression installation varies for each specific application. Experienced installers ensure that the systems are properly fitted and will provide the correct fire protection.


  • LHFC-227ea
  • FK5-1-12
  • IG-541
  • IG-55
  • CO2 suppression systems
  • Aerosol Suppression
  • Kitchen fire protection