Wet Risers / Dry Risers / Hydrants


Product Information

Full design and installation of water supplies and risers in high rise buildings.


Wet risers, dry risers and hydrants are used to supply water within buildings for firefighting purposes. The provision of a built-in water distribution system means that firefighters do not need to run their hose from the fire engine to the fire source.

Wet risers and hydrants are permanently charged with water. Dry risers do not contain water when they are not being used and are charged with water by the fire service when necessary.


All risers and hydrants are installed to fully conform with BS9990. The design and installation of risers and hydrants meet all the design considerations set out in British standards in order to provide systems that allow unobstructed access for fire fighters and will allow for the correct water flows at each outlet.


  • Installations conform to BS9990
  • Systems tested to 12 bar, as set out in British standards
  • Pipework and outlets are provided with screwed, flanged or grooved connections to suit clients’ requests
  • Equipment conforms with BS5041 where required
  • Optional colour finish for inlet and outlet cabinets