Ikea Warrington

Over 1,700 sprinklers installed across the store’s self-serve racking, including the complete strip out of existing sprinkler protection and upgrade to meet the client’s requirements.

Ikea, Warrington

Ikea Warrington underwent an aisle alteration as part of the company’s Aisle Width Compliance scheme. The works were undertaken in the store’s self serve area of the building.


In conjunction with IKEA’s Aisle Width Compliance scheme within their existing stores, J&J was to carry out the design, supply and installation of new in-rack sprinkler protection within the existing self-serve warehouse. The work was to be done in accordance with LPC Rules incorporating BS 12845 and also to be completed to the client’s specification. The entire project was to be carried across 6 phases over an 8-week period, culminating in a complete regeneration of the existing storage configuration. The majority of the project was to be carried out
during night shift operations to negate the need for business interruption and to ensure that customer-accessible locations remained live at all times. In total, over 1700 sprinklers were required across the project, which also included the complete strip-out of existing sprinkler protection pipework and a consequent upgrade to meet our client’s requirements for additional protection whilst ensuring hydraulic demand was met via the existing water supplies.

What we did

  • BS12845 sprinkler system
  • 1,700 sprinkler heads installed
  • Detailed coordination with client and other services