New Providence Tower

New wet riser and sprinkler installation within a 47 storey high rise development in central London. The system includes 3 No. hybrid dry pipe installations in the car park and basement, complete with 2 No. fire pumps and 2 No. split capacity water storage tanks. Design, calculation and installation of 150mm wet riser and 2 No. 27 bar high pressure multi stage electrical pumps and split capacity GRP sectional water tank.

New Providence Tower, London

Providence Tower is a 47 storey 136 m residential tower located in Blackwharf, London. The development is the key landmark in the newly developed New Providence Wharf area.


J&J were tasked with designing and installing new wet riser and sprinkler installations to the 47 storey high riser development in the centre of London. In order to properly protect the development’s car park and basement, J&J installed 3 hybrid dry pipe sprinkler installations complete with twin pumps and tanks. The 150mm wet riser runs throughout the tower and is supplied by two 27 bar high pressure multistage electrical pumps and split capacity GRP water tank.

What we did

  • Sprinkler pumps and tanks.
  • Wet Riser pumps and tanks.
  • 3 hybrid dry sprinkler installations.
  • 150mm wet riser
  • BS12845 sprinkler installation.