SCA Stubbins Paper Mill

Retro Fit of K17 ESFR sprinkler installations throughout 3 Number finished goods storage areas. Conversion of existing systems to dry pipe type due to unheated voids created by new lay flat ceilings.Installation of over 500m of 300mm NB ductile iron underground ring mains. Installation and commission of 1.4 million litre Stored Water Supply complete with dedicated deluge spray protection.

SCA Stubbins Paper Mill, Ramsbottom

Stubbins Mill is a large manufacturing plant based in Ramsbottom, Lancashire. The site produces paper goods including high quality tissue products exported around the world.


J&J had to provide a suitable retrofit sprinkler system to 3 finished goods storage areas. Unheated areas were to be protected by dry pipe systems to prevent freezing. A new 500m long 300mm diameter underground ring main was also installed, connected to a new 1,400,000 L stored water supply

What we did

  • Retrofit sprinkler system.
  • ESFR sprinkler protection.
  • 500m Underground ring main.
  • 1,400,000L capacity tank.
  • Deluge spray protection.